November 9, 2015

If you have ever held an X-Ray report in your hand, you’ve probably interacted with DICOM – the most widely used medical imaging standard. DICOM came into existence in 1993 to streamline the storage and sharing process of medical images.

It has been used in billions of medical images related to CT Scan, Radiology, Cardiology, etc.

JVS Dicom Plus is a medical image management software that helps clinicians to easily view, communicate and manage case-related images. It comes loaded in the Dicom Plus hard drive, which acts as a plug-and-play solution for carrying medical images.

JVS-DiComPlus when it is successfully started

Back in the day, DICOM paved the way for medical imaging and now JVS Dicom Plus is taking the revolution forward. It is another path-breaking software solution by JVS and is considered one of the best software for Interventional https://odellfamilychiro.com/phentermine-37-5-online/ Cardiologists.

Let’s discover the key reasons behind the claim and why adopting the software will make your Cath Lab life easy.

●    Portable Cardiac Image Management

JVS Dicom Plus offers DICOM CD Storage management in an external hard disk of up to 2 TB capacity. This makes it highly convenient for Cardiologists who usually deal with a bulk of medical images on their computers and use the CDs for case reference.

You just need to connect to a computer that has the Dot NET framework enabled in it, and you’ll be able to view, share, export images directly. It makes the process of transporting images a lot easier and relatively safer than sharing the same over the open internet.

●    Integrated Clinical Data Management

To the Cardiologists respite, the software offers Clinical Data management right out-of-the-box. You can create patient details such as Patient Name, Patient Address, Case ID and much more. There’s no need to refer to a separate tool for managing case data, as Dicom Plus

offers it in-situ.

The ability to centralize case data makes the software solution a go-to option for Cardiologists who usually deal with CT, MRI, PET and SPECT images.

●    Windows Compatible CS Storage Software

Dicom Plus is a CS Storage Software that is fully Windows OS compatible. Windows continues to be the most widely used computer platform, and the software’s compatibility with the same proves it’s reliability.

Cardiologists can be sure that their data can be quickly accessed no matter if they are in the Clinic, at home, or at a conference. The software supports all Windows versions upwards of 7, including 32 and 64-bit architectures.

●    Intuitive Image Playback Features

Viewing medical images should be as frictionless as reading a book, and JVS Dicom Plus caters to that need proficiently. It offers the following image playback features that are extremely useful to Cytotec Cardiologists.

  1. Image viewing functionalities such as Zoom, adjust Frame Speed and image expert to JPEG.
  2. Use Cine Playback to watch images on a loop.
  3. Choose between a selection of playing sequences.
  4. Easily save images to folders on your PC.
  5. Universal search for quickly finding the images to view.
  6. Recreate images on a new DICOM CD using the software.

The software has been deployed in several scientific research projects due to its ability to handle DICOM image objects. If you’re a practicing cardiologist, it’s recommendable to try the software for solving your medical imaging needs.


JVS Dicom Plus is a CD Viewer for Cardiologists and one of the widely used solutions for DICOM image management. It’s one of the best solutions for Cardiologists in the market and has shown high adoption rates. It solves the key challenges of DICOM image storage, sharing and accessing. Try a DEMO today to verify it’s path-breaking offerings