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JVS Group, founded in 1992 in New York, USA has been enabling Physicians around the globe to manage their Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). JVS Group provides advanced suite of intelligent, integrated and intuitive software solution to the physicians assisting them in their primary process of healthcare facilities.

JVS Group main focus is in the domains of Healthcare with end-to-end hospital management systems. We offer customized hospital management software solutions for all healthcare verticals including Large Hospital, Nursing Home and Clinic.

JVS Group products are synonyms of hospital e-Governance initiatives, which means making a hospital management paperless. This includes the clinical, back office and generic management of all activities. It integrates the entire resources of a hospital into one integrated software application.

JVS Group HMS provides several management tools such as EMR, which is more of an audit trail of doctors encounters with patients. EMR is a modern way of a hospital treating the patients. EMR covers past history, prescription suggested by doctors, opinion of distant consultants with the help of DICOM imaging or Tele-radiology. This means all vital information is residing in the system, which can be readily retrieved to help in making a timely decision.

JVS-DiComPlus is worlds 1st plug and play hard disk drive with inbuilt dicom cd storage manager software and dicom viewer.
With JVS-DiComPlus, you can easily store dicom cd to your JVS-DiComPlus disk and carry around 3000 cases with you anytime. You can plug JVS-DiComPlus disk in any windows based computer system and start using it. There is no installation required for JVS-DiComPlus software. It works on Dot.Net technology and most of the recent windows system has Dot. Net pre installed. In case you are using JVS-DiComPlus disk on older operating system which does not have Dot.Net pre installed, JVS-DiComPlus will auto install it on your system and start working on it.

Most of the interventional cardiologists’ are doing good number of challenging cases and keep their case CD safe with them. The problem comes when they collect many such important CD’s and searching among the collection to find particular CD becomes a challenging task. Also life of CD’s is dependent on how carefully you store them.

Also finding CD of a particular type of case is time consuming job as you require to watch each case, if you have not written case details on the CD label. Writing case details on CD label has its own limitations.

To overcome all above problems, JVS Group has launched worlds 1st Dicom CD storage assistant for interventional cardiologist and radiologists.

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With JVS-DiComPlus you can store all your important cases in the JVS-DiComPlus hard
disk and discard your CD’s!