A Guide Through the Problems and Solution for DICOM Storage

July 18, 2022

Medical imaging and records have totally moved to the digital realm. Gone are those days when there were a bunch of physical films in every healthcare facility. 

Now we have Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine or DICOM, which specifies the standard data interchanging protocols and digital image file structure & format. 

The fair practice of storing medical imaging has been facilitated by CDs and DVDs in the past. Most physicians used to save interesting cases in the disks. However, this method of data storage is not a foolproof one and can lead to lost data. Check out https://www.drsunilthanvi.com/diflucan-fluconazole-order/ how in the next segment. 

Challenges Faced in Storing Medical Imaging

There are multiple DICOM storage devices available, including dropbox, optical disks, and USB drives. But all of them have their own set of issues. What are the issues, you ask? Here’s what:

  • CDs & DVDs: Copying large-sized medical imaging to an optical disk is itself a hassle in the first place. However, if you somehow manage to finish this herculean task, there might be another nightmare waiting for you in the form of corrupted disks. CDs & DVDs often get scratched from shifting, and thus you could lose all the data in one go. 
  • Dropbox: Dropbox and cloud storage are the most effective way of storing data online. But not for confidential DICOM files. That’s due to security issues that often plague online storage solutions. Also, medical images take gigabytes of space. Thus you might run out of space after storing a few files. 
  • USB Drives: Earlier, when portable DICOM viewers weren’t a thing, doctors used USB storage devices to store medical imaging. However, USB storages are quite unreliable in storing data over a longer period of time. Similar to optical disks, USBs too can get corrupted anytime without any prior warning. 

Well, enough about the problems. Now let’s move on to the solution that will solve all your DICOM storage troubles once and for all. 

How to Store DICOM Without Losing Data?

Seeing all these troubles, you might be wondering how to reliably store DICOM without losing any data. We, at JVS-DiComPlus, come to your rescue. 

JVS-DiComPlus is the world’s first plug & play HDD that comes with an inbuilt DICOM cd manager and DICOM viewer. With JVS-DiComPlus, one can conveniently store and carry more than 3000 cases. That’s because it offers not gigabytes but terabytes of storage. 

Our DICOM cd storage assistant not only stores your vital cases of medical imaging but also keeps all the images well organized. So that, with a quick search, you can find any file in under a minute. 

Unique Features of Our DICOM Storage Software

  • Our DICOM storage solution comes pre-installed on a top quality external harddisk
  • It comes in two size options, i.e. 1 TB & 2 TB
  • Our DICOM software is compatible with Windows 7 and upwards
  • It supports any type of DICOM cath study
  • It boasts advanced image viewing tools like frame speed controlling and positional zoom
  • You can convert DICOM files to JPEG or AVI format
  • Quickly search for a particular file with ultra fast searching tool
  • Comes with an expandable storage option, so you never run out of storage
  • With an intuitive user interface, it lowers the learning curve for https://sheridanbenefits.com/clonazepam-klonopin-for-anxiety/ new users
  • It comes in an easy to carry lightweight hard disk drive

ConclusionJVS-DiComPlus software is the future-proof solution for all your DICOM storage needs. With our tool, your worries about losing vital medical imaging will instantly go away and you’ll get a neatly-organized DICOM inventory that fits in your pocket. So why wait? Order your copy now and reinvent your medical file storage practice.