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Features and Benefits
JVS-DiComPlus is a simple to use plug and play USB Hard disk drive with inbuilt JVS-DiComPlus software and dicom viewer.
Features :
Windows Dot.Net based DICOM CD manager and dicom viewer.
Pre-installed software on best quality external harddisk in size of 1 TB & 2 TB Size.
Runs on standard PC Hardware.
Compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8 (32 bits & 64 bits OS)
Supports virtually all type of DICOM cath studies.
Cine Playback of multiple frame sequence.
Advance image management tools like zoom, frame speed, image export to jpeg and avi video.
Export Function: export DICOM files to JPEG format and AVI format to local disk.
Save file/series to folder.
Option to select interesting loops and play only selected loops.
DICOM CD burn facility to recreate original DICOM CD with selected loops or all loops.
Benefits :
JVS-DiComPlus is an external disk drive with inbuilt software to meet your specific requirements. Benefits of using JVS-DiComPlus as your DICOM CD Manager includes :
Easy to manage : and maintain your important case CD’s. Main Screen
Easy to carry : With JVS-DiComPlus you can carry upto 6,000 cases with you on 2 TB disk.
Plug & Play : JVS-DiComPlus disk drive is a USB external hard disk which you can connect to any windows OS computer and start using it. Not installations required if you have Dot.Net environment installed on your system.
Ultra Fast Search : Quickly get the patient’s files with universal search facility.
Clinical Data Storage : Save clinical data along with case for future case study. Click here to view Screens.
Expandable : JVS-DiComPlus is expandable to have the storage space you need to store more CD’s.
Enables you to export DICOM Images :Single click to copy your dicom file. Facility to export dicom file into image file in JPEG file format or export cine loops into AVI file format.
Intuitive Design : Easy to use which means a lower learning curve for users.
Compatibility : Supports all recent Windows versions including Windows 8 and 64 bit OS.
Easier to use : Just plug in and start JVS-DiComPlus and you are ready to use it on all recent windows based computer.
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