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Frequently Asked Questions

Can JVS-DiComPlus be used for exporting dicom files to jpeg?

Yes, you can use JVS-DiComPlus dicom viewer to export your dicom files into jpeg images easily. You can even export entire loop at single click. It will create one image for each frame in the loop and save into the folder.

Can I create avi files from dicom file with JVS-DiComPlus?

Exporting dicom to avi is one of the primary purposes of the product. You can easily create uncompressed and compressed avi video files to use in your presentations with help of JVS-DiComPlus dicom viewer.

Do I need to keep dicom case cd safe after storing it on the JVS-DiComPlus disk drive?

No, you need to keep the dicom CD, once the case is stored into JVS-DiComPLus. You can discard your CD or keep it as backup. You can play the stored dicom CD directly from the JVS-DiComPlus disk drive. And in future if you require, you can also re-write the CD from JVS-DiComPlus Burn CD functionality.

How can I purchase JVS-DiComPlus disk drive?

You can go to buy section of JVS-DiComPlus website and fill in the purchase form. After filling in your purchase form, you will be taken to payment gateway for making online payment. Once your payment is successfully processed, we will send you your product by courier within 1 working day through DHL / Blue dart or any leading courier service and provide you the tracking number.

Does JVS-DiComPlus store all type of Cath procedure CD’s?

We have tested JVS-DiComPlus with commonly available Cardiac PACS dicom case CD’s and it works fine. However if you ever come across any dicom CD, which you find not working on JVS-DiComPlus viewer, please write to us on Support@JvsDiComPlus.com. We would make sure to provide you updates for the software to make sure all CD’s are supported.

How do I learn to use JVS-DiComPlus?

Using JVS-DiComPlus is very simple. You can use the inbuilt help file to learn more about the JVS-DiComPlus. If you need further training or support, you can make a request to us and we will provide you adequate training online through remote desktop connection.

How many cases can I store on JVS-DiComPlus Disk drive?

You can store around 3000 cases on 1000 GB disk drive considering average size of each case to be 300 mb. It can be more or less depending upon your case dicom file size. On 500 GB size disk drive you will be able to store around 1500 dicom cd’s.

Can I write case to CD again for sending it to someone?

Yes, you can write your entire CD back to the CD again with Burn CD function on JVS-DiComPlus.
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